Parameters Features
Type of LoanLoan Against Gold
Customer segmentResident Indian (having KYC of Sikar District Only)
Maximum Loan Amount200000
Minimum Loan Amount10000
Processing FeesMinimum -1100 Loan up to 1 Lac,
1500 for Loan more than 1 Lac
Borrower’s Age norms Up to 60 Years
Overdue Charges
Documentation2 Photo
Application form
ID proof :
PAN Card
Aadhar Card
Ration Card
Customer Profile: A brief note on Customer profile to be document.
Reference Check: 2 References to be taken and tell calling to be done.
Loan Surakasha Charges2% of Loan Amount or
Min 1100 whichever is higher (Deviation-L4)
Pre Payment NormsAfter 6 month –Nil
Up to 3 month- 5 % of Outstanding
More than 3 months to 6 months – 3% of Loan Amount
DisbursementPreferred to fund only in Bank Account


1.Loan Up to 50000
Value of Gold(Per Gram)ROI (Per Month)
2. Loan from 50001 to 200000
Value of GoldROI (Per Month)
Policy for Term Deposit
TenureMinimum Period of 12 month
Maximum Period of 60 months
Premature FDR/ DepositsBefore 3 month – Not Possible
UP to 6 month- NO interest to be paid
After 6 month -2% less interest to be paid